About Self Employed Tax Calculator

Most self employed individuals in the UK keep sufficient records of their taxable income, whether this be via a spreadsheet, PC bound tax program or an online platform, however for the most part, these processes don’t provide either a feasible solution to manage your business and/or don't provide a real time tax summary to advise you on what money you need to keep aside for HMRC.

With this in mind the team at Self Employed Tax Calculator has built an online solution assessable for any web enabled device that allows you to do just that. If you need to generate invoices, lodge expenses or add other incomes such as salary, we have the perfect solution for you. Our bookkeeping software also gives you a real time tax calculation meaning that there are no surprises when it comes to your year end.

Our Self Employed Tax Calculator solution will help you stay on top of your finances and your taxes on the go 24/7

About the Group

The Self Employed Tax Calculator has been created, designed and is managed by the AVERT Solutions Group.

AVERT Solutions is a software company that specialises in building cloud-based products and offers a suite of online tax and compliance software packages built for UK businesses which are geared to save these business time and money via real time interconnectivity between the business, their clients and their workers.

Our key goal is to create products that help businesses 'avert' issues before they happen and preventing human error where possible. In a world where everyone wants things done in real-time, do we actually have time to take care of our essential data? Statistics show we all need technology today to help combat human error and track core information.

The AVERT Solutions suite:

  1. HR and Contracting software - AVERT Invoicing and AVERT CIS Invoicing
  2. Self Employed Contractor portals - cloudkeeping and self employed tax calculator
  3. UK Right to Work and Tax compliance tracking - ComTracker

The AVERT products will help your business to stay on top of your compliance responsibilities and track the essential data to help you to stay compliant whilst you trade in the UK. If you are a SME company and you need the software to handle HR and contracting, then we have the perfect cloud software that you can acquire to handle contracts, timesheets, invoicing, payments and tax.

For more information on AVERT Solutions, click here.