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The self employed tax calculator is a free tool which can be used to calculate your self-employed tax liability at any time. Simply complete your income and expenditure details in the panel to the right, enter your email and password ( this is required so we can run the calculation for you – don’t worry, you’re not signing up to anything) and then press calculate.

Once your account has been created you may revisit this site at any time to log in and recalculate your numbers for free and with no obligation to use our online bookkeeping facility.

What is the online bookkeeping facility?

In addition to offering the free calculator, we offer a cloud based bookkeeping service were our members can manage their clients databases, created invoices on the go, record their expenses and know there exact liability based on this and other streams of income 27/7, 365.

Our members are also given a discount on year-end tax returns services and some even use these services for free by recommending friends and colleagues to sign up.

If you’d like more information, please contact us or simply create and account and test us out for free and without having to provide any payment information

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